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Instructions - How to Choose a Good Electric Bicycle?

By Kelly Elizabeth posted 2016-05-12 01:07:43

Most people buy electric bicycles for the convenience of life and work. Thus, while considering to buy an electric vehicle, you need to know what is good or bad for an electric bike, so it will suit your needs and not bring troubles. Here this review will tell you what is the best electric bicycle.

1. First you should learn local regulations for electric bicycles or electric motorcycles, electric motorcycle is prohibited in some country or city, if so, it is best not to buy, otherwise it can not be on the road, and it becomes useless. In some other countries or cities, driving license is need to ride electric motorcycles, in this case you should get license first before buying. For electric bicycles, most countries do not have much limit.

shenzhen police confiscate electric bicycles

Electric motorcycle is prohibited in Shenzhen, China. Police confiscating electric motorcycle on the road.

2. A good brand is important for electric bicycles. Good brand usually brings good quality, and quality is vital for your safe while riding electric bikes on the road.

It is not hard to produce electric bicycles actually, most core spareparts can be found easily in China market, you can buy and assemble it by yourselft if you like. So there are many small factories in China who usually buy spareparts from other factories and assemble by themselves, and a large order may be assigned to several small factories, so quality varies even in one order.

Small factories do not have or only have less professional technicians they cannot ensure every parts they buy from different manufactures will work together well, so the electric bicycles they produced may work well for a limited time, but will have various problems after riding for a while.

Small factory assembling electric bicycles

It is very easy to assemble electric bicycles in China. Several non-professinal works are producing electric bicycles.

Large manufactures usually customize spareparts for every electric bicycle model to ensure every parts can work together without problem, and this is why price of similar ebikes varies much in different manufactures.

So choose a trustful manufacture even though price may be higher.

3. Choose electric motorcycle or electric bike? electric motorcycle is more similar with motorcycles, and electric bike is more similar to bikes. The choice is based on profile of the rider. For a girl, a heavy electric motorcycle is not a good choice, a light and fashion electric motorcycle or electric bike is suitable. If you need to carry cargo, a heavey and powerful electric motorcycle is a must. If you a student and only ride it in the school or city for short distance, a mini electric bike is good. 

Four core spareparts of electric motorcycle

There are four core parts for electric bicycles, motor, battery, charger and controller, they are key to the performance of the electric bicycle. Most ebike manufactures buy these parts from other factories, and the quality of these parts varies much, so you should learn the brand and manufacture of these parts before buying electric bicycle.

1. Motor: the power of the motor is very important. If the power is too small, the electric bicycle will have limited load capacity, speed, acceleration and climbing ability. Especially, the clibing ability is directly related to the power of the motor, so choose a large power motor if the road has many steep slopes.

2. Battery is the power of the electric bicycle. Now most electric bicycles uses lead acid battery or lithium battery. Lithium battery is much expensive than lead acid battery due to high density energy and short charging time, so is mostly used in high end electric bicycles. Most electric motorcycles uses cheaper lead acid battery to decrease cost. The safty and life time of the battery is most important issues to considered. Low quality battery may fire during charging or using to cause  accidents, or even death of people. Also low quality battery have short life time, the energy will lose quickly after using for a while, it is very hard to distinguish this, because you can only know after using it. So choose a battery with trustful brand is necessary.

3. Controller is the control hub of the electric bicycle. It is necessary to have a large power controller if you need a powerful electric bicycle, but large power controller will decrease range per power and life time of the battery. The quality of the controller is very important too, it is vital to make every parts of the electric bicycle works well together.

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