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The World's First Stainless Steel Bicycle From a 3D Printer

By Kelly Elizabeth posted 2016-04-20 03:52:28

world's first stainless steel bicycle

The world's first stainless steel bicycle from the 3D printer is - of course - from Holland. Budding engineers TU Delft has developed and tested extensively on the cobblestones of the city. It holds! Fortunately: Using the technique so should also be built a bridge.

Again and again the blue-white arc of the welding robot will light up brightly and adds the steel latticework add a further level. The shiny metal is slowly growing in height. In the hall of the Amsterdam 3D design company MX3D arises anywhere in the room without a supporting framework, a bicycle frame made of stainless steel.

The snazzy Dutch have a multi-axis robot developed as a 3D printer, with which it is possible aufzukonstruieren materials such as steel or resins without any supporting structure in the air in every direction.

Bicycles of wood are also in vogue

It can not be denied: The market for unusual and funky bicycles is properly set in motion. Unusual materials such as bamboo  and local wood  for the frame come into play. But even wheels that run on hydrogen will come this year to the market.

Bicycles of wood are also in vogue

Now one has student team from TU Delft  produced a fully functional bicycle made ​​of stainless steel with the help of a 3D printer during a three-month internship. The bike was part of a research project of the Amsterdam Institute of Advanced Metropolitian Solutions (AMS), the think tank MX3D  and TU Delft. According to project coordinator Jouke Verlinden the Arc Bicycle is the first bike that is created in this unique way.

With the developed MX3D 3D printing technology it is possible to build different structures almost endless. " 3D printing has exploded in popularity over the last decade, but to print medium and large objects, there are still significant limitations in the technology," said Harry Anderson from the Arc bike team from TU Delft, the normally Industrial Design RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia studying. "This method of 3D printing makes it possible to produce medium and large metal objects with almost complete freedom of form." 

A bridge made of steel from the 3D printer

The Arc Bicycle has been developed to demonstrate the 3D stainless steel pressure technology MX3D in everyday practice. Because the makers of MX3D have a bold idea: you want in the center of Amsterdam on a canal a bridge of steel with its robot-printing technology to create, on the spot and in one piece. 2017 shall be applicable.

A bridge made of steel from the 3D printer

The MX3D developers are convinced that this kind of digital production leads to a new form, a new kind of aesthetic freedom. The Arc Bicycle now serves as a test subject for the new technology.

Stress tests on the bumpy Delft Cobblestone

"It was important for us to make a functional object that people use every day. As students in the Netherlands, of course, came to us a bike to mind, "says team member Stef de Groot, studying at TU Delft Industrial Design Engineering. "A bicycle frame is a good test of the technology because of the complex forces involved."

Stress tests on the bumpy Delft Cobblestone

The elegant stainless steel bike weighs about as much as a bicycle made of steel. To ensure that the Arc Bicycle can withstand the complex forces involved, it, students have been tested extensively in the city of Delft - on the bumpy cobblestones of the city.

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