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This Electric Bike with Bluetooth does not need Locks

By Kelly Elizabeth posted 2016-04-15 03:21:58

Electric Bike with Bluetooth

As time progresses we see how more and more companies are becoming interested in the market for electric vehicles to have at least a product of this type available. Yet so far we have not come to see a revolution in the automotive industry, and it seems that things stay that way in the coming years.

Meanwhile, a company has decided to electric bicycles to a new level and incorporate Bluetooth connectivity with a new design. We talk about VANMOOF Electrified S a bike powered by an electric motor, although design features a little seen so far, does not cross the line than usual and avoid entering a look too futuristic and perhaps could have been little comfortable.

Obviously now you wonder why the hell you want Bluetooth connectivity on a bicycle, but when you learn that thanks to her bike able to offer a level much higher than seen in other models security, everything is clear. In addition, it is impossible to remove it, the only solution would be to steal cut with a saw.

This electric bike has a locking system integrated and a display indicating the remaining battery, which allows us to travel up to 120km on a single charge. This autonomy is enough for most, but maybe any of you know little.

The VANMOOF Electrified S offers the possibility not to worry about the keys of the bicycle, or to remember the combination to the lock. Unlock is as easy as pressing a button on their mobile app. In addition, it offers adjustable speed, and if for some reason you the steal, thanks to integrated GPS could recover.

Moreover, thanks to its electric motor of 250 W can ride more easily than it has ever done, being possible to double the speed achieved with minimal effort up to 32 kilometers per hour . In relation to its weight, the model weighs 18.4 kg VANMOOF, one of the electric bikes lighter.

Now, as expected, it is the main drawback of the Electrified S : its price. Although its official cost in Europe will be of 2,998 euros , it is now possible to get this electric bike with Bluetooth for 1,998 euros, will surely offer only lasts until tomorrow, when it officially goes on sale.

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