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What Makes an Electric Motorcycle?

By Kelly Elizabeth posted 2016-04-21 03:59:09

Electric Motorcycle for Sale

Dusseldorf. As the name suggests, is powered by a electric motorcycle by an electric motor. The beginnings of the historical development of these vehicles date back to the United States of America.

Bolton and Libbey have developed in the years 1897 and 1895, the first electric models. The first electric motorcycle came in 1897 to Europe.

After a temporary halt in production electric motorcycles are available again on the open market today and are sold by the seller Zero Motorcycles since of 2009. Road motorcycles with electric drive from the house Quantya conquer since 2000 the market. The main problem of these electric motors refers to the drive and the respective range of the lithium-ion batteries. Unlike the European market, the Republic of China is the millions of sales of electric motorcycles.

The electric motorcycle and his main problem

The German sales of all electric motorcycles to 45 km / h fall compared lower. So in 2013 a mere 201 copies were admitted. In comparison, the replacement of the internal combustion engine can be observed in the field by the electric motorcycle, even if this makes the problem of the limited coverage also noticeable. The roads electric motorcycle from BMW C Evolution appeared in 2012 in a small series on the market and has been produced since the year, 2014.

Success Secret: Powerful lithium-ion batteries

The Brammo Enertia is another model that found its approval in traffic. This electric motorcycle has a torque of 40 nanometers and comes on a remarkable top speed of 95 km / h. The lithium-ion battery comes from the house Valence Technology - a Texas manufacturer that equips this battery with a voltage of 76.8 volts. The electric motorcycle has an empty weight of 147 kg, and comes with twice the battery capacity to an impressive 130 km without inserting a stop at the gas station.


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